Wednesday, June 29, 2011


That right there is what you call
tall, dark and handsome.
Just FYI.

My, my, my. Isn't he a sight to behold!

I can hardly believe my good fortune in having the privilege--and make no mistake, it is SUCH a privilege--of being the mom to this spiritual giant who has a heart full of empathy for others and a soul devoted to his Savior. And, on top of all of that, he is funny, kind, handsome, hard working, cheerful, obedient, talented and a brainiac to boot! And also an Eagle Scout.

Do you see? Do you see now why I am scratching my noggin thinking, "Why me?" As in, "Holy moley! Why oh why did the Lord above think He could entrust little ol' me with such an extraordinary boy as Sean?" I've decided to just not ask any questions but just take the money, i.e., Seanie Boy, and run before someone gets wise to the fact that I don't deserve this absolutely incredible son of mine!

I love you with all of my heart and soul, Sean!
Thank you for being my precious boy.



Gwyl said...

Happy Birthday Sean. Hope it was a fun day.

Juliette said...

Happy Birthday Seanie Boy!!

Morris Family said...

Happy Birthday Sean!!!

P.S. Have you ever thought that your kids are thinking the same thing about having you as their mother? From my end of things, it doesn't look like they got too bad of a deal either! :)

Melissa said...

He'll always be a little four year old to me. This is killing me!

Happy Birthday, Sean!!

And I TOTALLY agree with Morris family. I feel lucky to even know you. They're lucky to experience (and yes - you ARE an experience) you every day!

Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was fun celebrating with you last night!

Kathleen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!! Dee, I bet you are loving celebrating his birthday with him. It is striking the family resemblance! Sean looks fantastic!