Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mickey Dee(dee)'s!!!

Kimball and I had a lunch date.

Just the two of us.

We went to a really classy joint.

I treated this time around because, well, because I could. Kimball is a little strapped for cash at the moment, mostly due to the fact that his allowance hasn't actually kicked in yet. Kimball tried to contribute to the bill with the grimy little penny offered to him by the sweeping employee who had picked it out of the mess o' fries and tattered napkins on the floor after she heard Kimball exclaim, "money!" I quickly insinuated myself into that situation by thrusting my hand out for that nasty penny just as she was about to drop it into Kimball's waiting (and clean) hand, saving Kimball from who knows what flesh-eating germs I'm certain were hanging out on that linty penny. Ew. Thanks, but, uh, . . . .

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "If Deedee is so blasted uptight about Kimball touching a penny that had been plucked from the floor out of a pile of others' half-eaten, disgusting, slobbery food and crumpled napkins wet from wiping noses and mouths, why in tarnation would she let Kimball go play in the little adjoining romper room aka The Marriott Hotel for Germs (motto: All Germs Welcome!)?"

I can't really say why I'm okay with this except that I believe in moderation in most things (not all), and I also believe that kids need to be kids. And I also believe in eating first, playing second. I also believe in a good, thorough hand scrubbing when playtime in The Marriott Hotel for Germs (motto: All Germs Welcome!) is over. I also believe that I have THE. CUTEST. GRANDSON. ON. THIS. PLANET. Behold:

I'm definitely up for another date, Kimball. Text me.


Jordan said...

So cute. I love the motion you captured in these. He really looks like he's not stoping for any poses. "Go, go, go" is his mantra. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

A dream come true!