Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let's Get It Started, Ha!

This particular post about Christian whooping it up at his high school's homecoming dance has been sitting in my draft file for like, um, forever. Er, one year to be exact. But, since this time of year brings that annual homecoming hoohah around once again for those young'uns in this neck of the woods (Christian excluded cuz, uh, well, he DID graduate after all), I decided to FINALLY unleash this post from last year's dance and raise your blood pressure just a touch with the video below. Besides, I poured a bunch of sweat and tears into the video, and I'm not about to let it linger in obscurity forever. (Ah, so the truth finally comes out.) I only pray that you sync up with my off-balanced sense of humor, otherwise you'll have even more concrete evidence that I truly am a couple of bricks shy of a full load. So, here we go . . .

Last fall, Christian and his pals went to a sweaty! crowded! stuffy! suffocating! smelly! loud! greasy! confining! jam-packed! blazingly hot! school dance.

Yes? Aaaaaaaand?!!!!!!

They loved it.


Anywho! They decided to cool off afterward in our kitchen. I think they were instinctively drawn to the embarrassingly large amounts of ice cream we forever have on hand in our freezers. I took the liberty of playing paparazzi for a bit and pretended that I knew what I was doing while behind the camera as I shot a few pics. I didn't really know what I was doing behind the camera, as it turns out. But, lucky you guys! I put together a little video demonstrating that I didn't really know what I was doing behind the camera, and I'm going to share. See? Lucky you guys!

Now, regarding the video and, in Christian's defense, I do 'fess up and admit that I was the one directing that whole fawning thing (you'll see). Well, sorta it was me. Kinda it was me. Well, it wasn't really me at all. Actually, those girls kind of took things into their own hands after a while, and I just kept clicking away like a good little photog. Like I said, lucky you guys!

Whoa up, boys and girls! Before we get to the video (eventually we will actually get to the video, and you're going to love it, I promise), I want you to humor me and play a variation on that ol' popular parlor game, "Where's Waldo?" In this rootin' tootin' version we're going to be playing, "Where's Dave?" And let me tell you what--it won't be all that easy. Dave makes three cameo appearances, two of which will be super-duper obvious, one not so much. Oh, and you'll want to be sure you have the volume cranked up. Things get really bizarre interesting around the 1:48 mark and onward.

Lucky you guys.

Don't you envy this type of genuine fun and friendship? What an awesome, awesome gang of good pals!

Lucky them.

No, seriously. Lucky them.

Which sharp-eyed shooter out there found all three Daves on the first go-round? Yay for you! For those of you who have actual lives to lead and are far too busy doing important junk instead of having a go at my silly "Where's Dave?" nonsense, I'll keep your resentment of me to a minimum by helping you out just a touch: Dave pops into the party at the :48, :56, and the 2:13 marks. He's such a party animal, that guy.


Beth said...

Hmmmm . . . if I'm not mistaken, a headless Dave makes an appearance at 1:06. If you add the piano head onto the headless Dave, then yes, he made 3 full appearances! What a trooper! Gwyl hides in his office when shenanigans are going on at our house! (he only makes appearances when food is involved!)

Deon said...

Beth! Do you have x-ray vision or what? I would never have known that Dave was lurking back there behind those kids at the 1:06 mark had you not used your super powers to dig that up! High five, missy!

Dave said...

If you have a party and you have ice cream, there is a very good chance I will be lurking around somewhere. Just stands to reason...