Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mmmmmm, Ashy!

I hosted a little afternoon social for about a dozen girls ages 10 and 11 in my backyard. We went on a treasure hunt. We roasted marshmallows. We made s'mores. We played "Red Rover, Red Rover." We danced to "Rock Around the Clock." We laughed. We cried. (jk about the crying part. It's just that I was on a roll there and . . . .)

As their lovely parting gifts, I stuck with the whole s'mores theme and whipped up a sticky little concoction straight from my smokin' oven for each of those adorable and old-enough-to-be-respectful but too-young-to-be-snarky-and-have-a-sassy-attitude (in other words, just the perfect age) girls. I give you my very own, one and only, original:


Red Velvet S'mores Cupcakes

24 red velvet flavored cupcakes, baked and cooled
(I used a box mix; call me lazy if you want)
24 strawberry flavored marshmallows
24 graham cracker quarters
24 chocolate bar pieces
Cream cheese frosting
(I used a tub of Pillsbury; call me lazy if you want--I'm getting used to it)

Frost completely cooled cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Place the marshmallows on a foiled lined cookie sheet and broil in oven about 8" from heating element until the tops of the marshmallows begin to poof (just like my hair does on a very humid day) and they turn a beautiful golden brown. DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE BROILER OR ELSE YOU'RE SURE TO BECOME VERY CHUMMY WITH THE LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT. Just FYI. When marshmallows have cooled, wedge one marshmallow, a piece of graham cracker, and a hunk o' chocolate into the frosting of each cupcake. Ta da! Yeah, it's a beautiful thing.


Lisa said...

Are you fun or what? Especially the rock around the clock part!

Beth said...

What a fun party! I may have to steal the idea for my little princesses! I would never call you lazy, smart is what immediately popped into my mind!

Kathleen said...

I read the title as "MMM, Ashley" and thought to myself "Now what mother would eat their daughter?" You can tell how tired I am! These look so YUM! You are quite the crafty one aren't you. Did the local fire department come knock on your door or did you watch the broiler? =)