Friday, September 09, 2011

Same Difference

Have you ever noticed that local early morning television is a very different dog than the stoic 6:00 p.m. newscasts where the anchor's hair is either as white as a sheet or shellacked into a perfectly shaped sphere surrounding said anchor's head, and where the mere twitch of a smile would be grounds for immediate dismissal?

Yes, you could technically call the early morning broadcast a newscast, but it is a completely different monster than the gravely serious evening newscast--sorta like Kraft's boxed macaroni and cheese vs. homemade ooey, gooey macaroni and cheese. Not. even. in. the. same. food. group.

So, I'd like to see stuffy evening anchors Brian Williams or Scott Pelley or Diane Sawyer try to man-up at the anchor desk during this loopy early-morning broadcast that Fox News aired several months ago.

Oh, and, haha! Funny thing! You'll never believe this. Christian just happens to show up in the video. Not surprised? (That boy does get around.)

(You have to really focus on Big Budah's opening remarks to be in on the joke that he perpetuates throughout the whole segment. Pay close attention, boys and girls. I do offer my sincerest apologies in advance.)

You may recognize Big Budah from the film, "Forever Strong." Then again, you may not since the character he plays in the film is so much more copacetic than the Big Budah we see freaking us out each morning. He must have really sucked it up for the movie because, honestly, this guy's real personality is bigger than life. (And, his belly too. HEY-YO!) Big Budah would definitely give Brian Williams and/or Scott Pelley a run for their serious anchor money, don't ya think?!

FYI, Christian (wearing the green shirt) is NOT the offender Big Budah is calling out; let's just clear the air (groan . . . but funny, no?) on that front, shall we?


Jordan said...

Wow, I can't believe how rude that was. Poor kid. I thought he was there to talk about the Drum Line, not bodily gases. What's the saying, "whoever smelt it dealt it." Buddha can't fool me.

Ashley said...

Yeah, rude!

But that's a great close up of Christian!

Melissa said...

OH MY GOSH! Talk about being mortified on national television!!

No matter what - they were amazing!