Monday, October 31, 2011

From Our Spooky House to Yours . . .



Number of trick or treaters tonight: 133

Number of showings of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" through our window: Five

Approximate percentage of "thank you's" received: 80% (not bad!)

Number of doorbell rings: Only one, the rest were knock, knock, knocks

Number of kids wearing the supposedly "it" costume of 2011 (angry birds): Exactly zero

Most popular candy choice: Starbursts followed by Twix, then M&M's, then Milky Way, etc.

Number of candy bars left over: Only two Snickers bars. Whew! We barely had enough, and even at that, I did have to raid an old stash in our pantry for the last few candy bars. Dave decided he needed to test one (solely out of the goodness of his heart--yeah, yeah) to make sure we wouldn't be known as the "stale candy bar house" of the neighborhood. Heaven knows, we'd never be able to live that down.

Funny aside: One year, Sean rigged up a walkie-talkie under my little ghost who stands guard at the bottom of our walkway. Needless to say, Sean scared the living daylights out of our trick or treaters when they heard that ghost moaning out to them when they walked by. Perhaps Seanie thought they would drop their loot and run for the hills leaving him with a boatload of candy???


Lisa said...

Oh my dear, this is straight out of a magazine layout! Love the decor in and out and your candy spread presentation is fab! You nailed it!

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...

how many kids ran home and changed costumes to return to the house of the awesome lady with the "good stuff"? probably several!!

you are so cute!

Melissa said...

I'm coming to your house next year. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Just plan on 6-12 extra trick or treaters. We may take two bars each. Just warning you.

You are such a cute mom. I'm glad you're my friend!