Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moonlight Serenade

Do you see that full moon above gorgeous Mount Timpanogos in this photograph?

This is a beautiful view from the top of that mountain in its autumnal splendor.
(Wow. Just listen to me, would you!)

This is what Sundance and the back of Timp look like in the nippy winter.

This is what the owner of Sundance and his buddy look like, which I'll take any season of the year.
(Miss you, Mr. Newman.)

So! I convinced Dave to go on a wild and crazy adventure with me to see that full moon above gorgeous Mount Timpanogos.

On a coooooold autumn evening.

Up at Sundance Ski Resort.

Which is up a winding, meandering, narrow road.

A short 25-minute drive from our house.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump, really. And a twisty turn or two.

Dave was skeptical. This was so out of character for 90-degree-weather me. I mean, I'll lug a huge snowflake motif blanket with me to the movies, especially in the dead of SUMMER because it gets so frigid at our local Cinemark. (It's the summer, people! I shouldn't have to be lugging a snowflake motif blanket with me wherever I go! In the dead of SUMMER! Man, those theater guys get that A/C jacked up somethin' fierce. I think they do it for sport.) And, while we're on the subject, I've also had an absolutely brilliant idea (don't steal it, anybody!) to design a Sunday-best Snuggie, complete with pearls, which I could wear to church along with my high heels. I just may actually enjoy my worship service if I wasn't turned into a living, breathing Otter Pop each and every Sunday. I swear, there are days when I can see my breath during Gospel Doctrine class. Well, nearly.

Anywho. Tangent. Sorry. Where were we? Ah. Doubting Dave. I'm quite certain Dave thought I had lost all of my marbles by the sideways looks he kept giving me and the question in his voice when he said, "Okaaaaaaaaay?" after I dictated to him what we were doing suggested we give this a go. But, I showed him! I think Dave found that he doesn't know me quite as well as he thought. See for yourselves (be sure you have your sound on):
(You may want to make sure your curser isn't bringing up the video controls or you will miss my inane scrolling commentary at the bottom of the screen. Just an FYI.)


Lisa said...

I think I'm crazy enough to do this! What fun!

Kathleen said...

I love the scrolling commentary, especially about the guy with the flash photography. Some people have no common sense, I tell ya! I think my favorite part of the video was hearing D laugh on the way up. I'm tellin ya D, you got a good one in Dave, putting up with all your crazy antics. Hold on to him tight.

Melissa said...

Oh, Rob and I wanted to do this so badly! Thank you for letting me go - via video. Perhaps someday when we don't have four kiddos who need to be in bed by 8.

Beth said...

How fun was that! What a beautiful evening with your sweetie!

FYI - I try and get your brother to do crazy things with me, he is very resistant, no fun at all! I have said more times than once to him, in my whining voice . . . Dave is always doing crazy things with Deon! But he has yet to feel guilty enough to go along with my antics! Dave, you rock!

chinahalls said...

How fun great to see your family blog.....still think of our Naperville days....we had great times with your family!