Friday, November 25, 2011


Oh.  This is NOT a good look, is it.  Look at that sturdy Christmas bugle boy watching over that Halloween/Thanksgiving door decor as if it was completely overstaying its welcome. Which it was NOT.  It's just that "Winthrop," our bugle boy, just somehow jumped right into my car (true!) while I was out shopping last week, completely unannounced and unplanned, and he just had to go somewhere, didn't he?  I couldn't just make him hunker in my car for another week until Thanksgiving was over and the guilt I always feel when I decorate for Christmas too early went away, could I?  That would just be downright inhumane.  (I think our Thanksgiving Day visitors thought he was the butler.  Fine by me.)

If there was such a thing as "What Not To Wear" for houses, I suppose this would be it.  Stacy London would be so ashamed.


Kathleen said...

I completely understand! I found a snowman that I just LOVED the other day and I just had to have him. His name is Ralphie and he is just TOO cute! He's hiding behind the sofa for the moment so until the "Christmas Story" Village goes up for him to guard. Does your bugle boy have a name?

Lisa said...

I put up a Christmas tree in our kitchen for Thanksgiving and I always feel a smidge of guilt about it. But sometimes the family that comes for Thanksgiving doesn't come for Christmas so it is my way of having a touch of Christmas with us.

ckm said...

I used to feel guilty. Now I don't. I set up early, but don't turn on the lights. I love having everything done so that all I have to do is turn on the lights and enjoy. December goes by too quickly with so many things going on - concerts, etc. I wouldn't enjoy setting up as much if I had to do it quickly (so many memory ornaments and decorations ... I like to remember as I set up) ... and the stress of the mess.
I love your butler!

Deon said...

Kat, yes, we named our bugle boy "Winthrop" after the little bugle/coronet boy in The Music Man :D

Courtney B said...

Hahaha! I just loved this post! I'm going to try this on my husband... naming a decoration and telling him it just jumped in the car :) Maybe then he'd let me start decorating earlier?!
You have a beautiful family! Your are one lucky momma/grandma :)