Thursday, December 01, 2011

Al Gore Finally Got to Us--The Sagers Family Decided to Go Green!

Taking a cue from these tags that I made (sorta made, er, kinda made--more on that in a later post) for my Thanksgiving Day table's color scheme, I decided to use the gold and green from the tags as accents to tie everything together.  I was good on the gold front having amassed plenty of gold tableware (tragically, it's not 18k {frowny face}), but the green was a new one on me.  Soooooo, I just made stuff up as I went along. 

Alarmingly bright green napkins?  Check.

Sugared and alarmingly bright green apples that should have been pears but I was too cheap and/or lazy to go to the store to buy so I just used what I had on hand which happened to be apples?  Check.

Alarmingly bright green hand-written (due to that all-too-common ink deficiency of my printer) place cards which are taped to spindly little toothpicks which are impaled into alarmingly bright green apples?  Check and check.

Alarmingly bright green candy?  Check.  
(Can you find it?) Cute, huh.

Green fire hazards? Oh, yeah baby!  This IS the Sagers house, after all!  We have a very rigid and storied tradition of starting our home on fire during parties.  Ask around, you'll see.  In fact, after one of the many blazes at our home, I had to replace the sweater of a man *coughbobcoopercough* who didn't particularly like the new burnout look of his sleeve.  Odd.

And, here's the lineup of gluttony.  If we went green here, we would all be paying a little visit to our local insta-care facility, I fear.

So, cheers to Al Gore!  Thanks for the green inspiration!  (And, for inventing the Internet!  Where would I be today without it?)

Hey!  Wait!  How'd this picture get on here?  Blast that Al Gore and his fancy schmancy Internet allowing pictures like this to go public!  
(Considering the juxtaposition of the foreground and the background of this photograph, I think I'd better be much, much more charitable toward Al Gore.  And, I will!  I am! I do! I promise!  So sorry, Al!  So, so sorry!  I'll never do it again!  I'm sweatin' bullets here, people.  Help?  

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Lisa said...

My table is always so cluttered with the food! I like how you go buffet style. It was a beautiful table. And who is looking at the background in that last pic? I can't keep my eyes off those toned arms!!!