Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's a Pirate's Life For Me!

"Ahoy, look and see,
Now me be turnin' three!
And, so that be a-meanin',
It's a pirate's life for me!
It's a pirate's life for me!"

Kimball's most excellent pirate mommy put together a rip roarin' pirate party in honor of Kimball's third birthday!

Pirate Ashley the Clever decorated . . . 

and crafted . . .

and baked and iced! 

Meanwhile, Kimball the Redbeard ate some great pirate grub, opened a bunch of loot, and entertained his guests with his shanty jig!



What decent pirate party is complete without that old classic, "Pin the Parrot on the Captain's Shoulder" game?  

We be wearin' eyepatches instead of an old, ragged blindfold, ye understand.

(Me be fearin' one or two of this crew of scalawags should have been forced to walk the plank or had been keel hauled due to some nefarious cheatin' a-goin' on during this contest of pirate skill.) 

Happy, happy birthday to our'n
beautiful little three-year-old grandlad,
Kimball the Redbeard!
Better 'n a chest full of gold ye be, arrrg!
Blimey, me LOVES ye soooo much, matey!!


Jenni Elyse said...

Love the last picture of Kimball. His earrings are great! What a fun party! Happy birthday, Kimball!

Lisa said...

Wow! Three years has gone by very quickly! So glad to see this healthy, adorable boy.

Kathleen said...

Too cute! I think Grandpa Dave makes the best pirate (after Kimball that is). Nice job Ash!

Melissa said...

Great party! Happy Birthday, little (I mean, BIG) Kimball!

Way to go, Ms. Ashley - soooo creative!