Thursday, December 22, 2011

This Warmed My Heart If Not My Toes

This video, from the small Eskimo village of Yupiq, was a school computer project intended for other Yupiq villages in the area. Just imagine the videographer's amazement that his little homemade video now has over a million views on YouTube; these little kids are practically rock stars!  Let the celebrity contract demands begin!  (Ooh!  Speaking of celebrity contract demands, here is an obnoxious bit of side note trivia:  What celebrity demanded – and reportedly got – a white room stocked with white flowers, white curtains, white candles and white couches, a variety of complicated foods {including apple pie with ice-cream} and a 45-foot long trailer at one of her appearances?  Hint:  The answer* rhymes with "say no.") 

Anywaaaaaaaay, back to the real world, and this sweet vid.  My teeth were nearly chattering from the cold while I watched this because of all of that wicked wind and snow up there in that tiny remote village, but my heart was definitely warmed through and through from the very st-st-st-st-st-art!

I don't even know these people, and I love them.

Brrrrrrrrrr!  Who's got a spare Snuggie they can throw my way?  But not a leopard print one.   I don't look good in leopard print.  It makes me look like I'm trying too hard . . .

*Supposedly, J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) is the celebrity with the, "Oh, except for all of those white things I listed and the big hunkin' trailer, please, please, please don't put yourselves out for little ol' me!" attitude.

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Gwyl said...

That was great, what a wonderful and fun way to sing a song.
I would appear they had a blast making the video.
And no I don't allow snuggies in my house - sorry Deon