Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bells on Bob Tail Ring, Making Spirits Bright!

Behind the Scenes of Our 2011 Christmas Card
Part IV:

Grandpa Richard was beyond patient with us while we dilly-dallied behind his back.  Bless his heart, his Ph.D. and former university associate dean status brought a decided bit of dignity and decorum to this bunch of nonsense.  We're forever in his debt.  And we promise to never call him "Bob."

Grandma Pauline manned the camera for these particular shots and deserves a boatload of applause and a plate of cookies for her spectacular photo skillz!

Ehhh, not quite right.

Take three!

Take four!

We'll get it right, just be patient with us!

Ooh, so close.  So close!

Ding, ding, ding!  
Thank you, Professor Sagers and Grandma Pauline, for making us look better than we have a right to!

But, what about Bob?  

Love that movie :D

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Lisa said...

Oh, Deon! I'm laughing so hard I'm speechless!