Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dashing Through the Snow!

Behind the Scenes of Our 2011 Christmas Card
 Part I:

What a gorgeous day in December for a jog!  No dashing through any sort of snow for us, and I was more than pleased as a pickle about that!

Dave was especially excited to get out in the fresh air to test out his super-duper, high-tech, moisture-wicking, black trouser socks and to pair them up with something other than his stuffy banker's suit.  What d'ya think?  (Please keep those comments positive, right?  I mean, I still have to face Dave every day, so I can't really afford to tick him off too much.   Cuz, I know the temptation is there for you, isn't it.  Believe me, I hear ya.)

I'm undecided about whether I should tell you that I changed into my running gear for this shot while standing behind a little shed just off to the side of the somewhat occupied football stadium.  Yeah, I guess it's better that I don't tell you that.  So I won't.  



Testing the camera angle . . . 

Dave doing his warm-ups

Sean's a bit out of sync here--kinda like the Abby Road album cover?

We've aaaaaalmost got it

Set the self-timer!  Cut!  Print!  We've got a winner with this one!

1 comment:

Dave said...

It's amazing how photo shop can make me look so out of shape. I tried to get the "actual" pictures of me released showing the real lean, mean me, but was overuled in favor of a need for comic relief. Someday the truth will come out...