Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In a One-Horse Open Sleigh!

Behind the Scenes of Our 2011 Christmas Card
Part II:

See that good old Radio Flyer sled attached to our handsome Dobbin?  That sled has been in my parents' garage long enough to have seen decades filled with Richard Nixon, Laugh-In, Led Zepplin, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, mullets, macho 'staches, big shoulder pads, stretch-stirrup pants, yuppies, Sun-In, "The Rachel" haircut, popped collars, Crocs, Harry Potter, Uggs with short shorts, Facebook and (shudder) Twitter.  I think this mighty little sled could be rightly deemed a precious museum piece for having out-lived all of that mess of good and bad, don't you?

And now, that sturdy little sled has successfully survived this particular humiliation honor!

Poor little Dobbin has no clue what's awaiting him.

Testing out the lighting as well as Dobbin's patience level.

Uh, yeah, it was just a touch bright!

In this shot, I'm just trying to concentrate on my driving skills as I ignore Dave's constant reprimanding of the boys while he threatens "to turn this sled right around if they don't stop bugging each other!"  jk.

We eventually had to ask Sean to sacrifice his knees being scraped along the ground as we sailed onward, but we finally managed to snag the shot, and Sean's knees seemed no worse for the wear.

And, speaking of mullets (and we were, and you'd know it if you were paying any attention at ALL), there's this:

If you are not able to play this video straight from my blog, just click where it says, "Watch on Youtube."  It'll give you your mullet fix for the day, so you're going to want to be sure to click that extra click, dude.  Dude.

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Lisa said...

I love these behind the scenes looks on your Christmas Card adventure. I love this pic!