Thursday, January 12, 2012

O'er the Hills Fields We Go, Laughing All the Way!!

Behind the Scenes of Our 2011 Christmas Card 
Part III:

In my quickly scribbled down outline for our 2011 Christmas card, I had written "o'er the hills we go" as opposed to "o'er the fields we go."  Did ya catch that?  Give yourself a gold star if you did because not one of us did.  Not once.  During this whole ordeal.  Not one of us scratched our noggins and said, "Hey!  I think the song says o'er the fields we go, not o'er the hills we go.  We're looking at you, Mooooooommmm!"   Oopsie.  

Not until after the pictures were shot and we were adding the text did I finally slap my forehead with the realization.  Ah, well.  Hills.  Fields.  They both look kinda the same in photos, don't they?  For our purposes here (and so you don't hurt my feelings), the correct answer would be YES.  

We were originally gunning for a hill here.  It subs as a field, no?

Testing, testing . . . 

Bingo!  O'er the hills fields we go!

While we're on the subject of "o'er the hill," does this hold a strange appeal for you too?


Lisa said...

Who on earth did you rope into TAKING these photos??!!!!

Deon said...

Lisa, all of the photos except for the Bob Tail photo were taken with Christian's SLR camera that was set with the self-timer. Either Christian or Sean would set the camera and lunge into the shot just in time! We call it "Extreme Photography!"

Lisa said...

This makes the behind the scenes experience all the better! I can just picture all of you counting down until you hear that shutter!!