Monday, February 06, 2012

Extra! Extra! Harry Fix! Get Your Harry Fix Right Here!

And, for my fellow lovers of Jane Austen, here's a fix especially for you:

Lucky you, there's more!  Click here for Firth of Forth!


Lisa said...

I'm about to rock your world: With all the reading I do, I have not read one Harry Potter book. I know. My children have threatened to disown me over it.

Deon said...

Lisa, I am not normally this way, but: Boo! Hisssss! How could you not? Honestly, girl. You. must. read. them. now!!!

Melissa said...

"Is that mine? Yup!"

That is hilarious!

PS - also haven't read any Harry Potter. OR Twilight!

Love the movies, though!

Libby Thomas said...

And then, in one dazzling moment, you became one of my favorite women ever. Way to combine the awe-inspiring awesomeness of harry potter, lord of the rings, Colin Firth, and Neville "The Chuck Norris of Hogwarts" Longbottom! Aaand I suspect Pinterest was involved, too... :)

Libby Thomas said...
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