Thursday, February 23, 2012

"I Am Sorry, Will Robinson, I Am Afraid I Goofed"--Robot

It's fashion week in London.  I'm sure you already knew that because my readers stay on top of important and critical world events like fashion week in London.  You guys are so crazy well-read and informed!  Impressive!  

Aaaaaaaaanyway, one of the trending looks being shown during London's fashion week (you knew about London's fashion week, right?) is a new strategy for leather pants.  I'm sure you already knew about that too.  Cuz you're informed like that!  For those few of you who just might not be up to speed on the latest at London's fashion week, I'll fill you in on the hottest leather pants look:  Instead of the skintight Jim Morrison look, at least two design houses have been showing wide-legged, baggy leather pants.  Say whaaaa, now?  I just don't know.  Leather plus baggy screams worn-out Bessy the Cow to me,  which is just sad.  I just don't know.

On a brighter note, I adore Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen fashion house, who, by the way, designed this hardly-talked-about dress, and who gave us the adorable little number shown below during London's fashion week (which you knew about, right?).  We'll take this slow so we can savor the gorgeousness of this look:

Love the shoes!

Love the tea-length skirt!!

Love the Grace Kellyesque-ness of it all!!!

Love the . . . whoa!  
"Danger, Will Robinson!!!!" 

You guys!  What am I going to do?
I just don't know if I can do this; this is sooooo outside of my comfort zone!  I mean, WHAT! AM! I! GOING! TO! DO??? 

I think the copious amounts of pomade used on these McQ male models' hair must have somehow oozed down to their mouths, causing them to look like they just ate a squirrel.  Merely a guess.  

Still mulling it all over but, I just don't know.
Your thoughts, Robot?


Jacque said...

So beautiful until the Neck and above!!!! Ew!

Lisa said...

Laughing out loud here in Chi-town! Isn't the dress with the shoes just so fabulous...but rest assured, Tim Gunn and Stacy and Clint will come out with a statement that the hair is not appropriate for gals over no worries!

Jenni Elyse said...

Um, those models don't look happy to be wearing their hair like that either. Why?! Why would anyone where their hair like that?!

Gwyl said...

DHH = Bed head hair
MCH = Motorcycle Hair
JMH= Junior Mint Hair