Friday, March 09, 2012


I can now count on one hand the number of days before Christian launches his international career of spreading great tidings of comfort and joy!  I'm hanging on to that comfort and joy by the tips of my fingernails--not giving in.  Not giving in.  Not giving in.  At least not yet.  At least not until 1:12 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.  After that, people should probably plan to just steer clear of me for a while if they don't wan't a soaking wet shoulder.

My sister, Marian, has quite literally been a second mom to all three of my kids, and I love her dearly for it.  She can even boast that she changed this elder's diapers!  Well, more likely, she gave me moral support while I changed this elder's diapers.  You know how babies can be . . .  

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Lisa said...

I am going to have a moment of silence at 1:12 on Wednesday. You can do it!