Saturday, March 03, 2012

I Have Seen the Future, and the Future Is . . .

Oh, Kimball.  

Kimball, Kimball, Kimball.  

Do you know what a lucky little three-year-old boy you are?  No?  Well, let me tell you somethin', mister. This is what you can look forward to receiving from your totally fabulous and awesome Papa and Deedee in about 15 years!  Take a good, long look-see:

I'm already perfecting my fly girl routine to perform behind Dave.  My family will swear that I'm already pretty savvy with a lot of those totally geezer-ish um, totally hep Mick Jagger-ish moves that this MeeMaw does, so I should be good to go in a few.  Dave needs to work a little bit on his smoker voice and to shell out for a cooler pair of shades, but otherwise, he's solid.  We're gonna put Kimball's knickers in a twist with this!  Like I said, lucky boy!  Right?  Guys?  Dave?  Hey!  What's up with everybody pretending they suddenly don't know me?  You guys!  

Well, all I have to say is that you all have been witness to my shenanigans in the past--don't think for a minute we won't be doing this.  


Lisa said...

Isn't it grand that that MeeMaw and that Grandpa found each other?

All I can say is: boy howdy!

Morris Family said...

I love the grandma! They are so fun! I want my parents to do this for my girls!

Lindsay said...

best. grandparents. ever.
although, josh is probably intensely embarrassed by them.