Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm Such a Playah!

Hey!  Any of you guys heard of a little somethin' somethin' called March Madness?  Apparently, it's some humungo tournament thingy that is not so little but, rather, is some long, drawn-out competition that sucks a bunch of people into it starting around the first part of March, and it doesn't let go of its death grip until the end of the month.  I guess it's kind of a big deal???

Anywho!  You guys will never guess who competed!  Guess!  Just go ahead and take a whack at a guess!  Yeeeeeuuuupp!  ME!!!  SHRIEK!  March Madness and me!  Who woulda thunk?

To see me in action and to read my comments about it all, go here and scroll down the page about half way.  Does this mean I get some sort of Nike or Adidas kickback sponsorship or such?  Suuu-weeeet!

*Seriously, when I made these two recipes, the Artichoke Dip  totally blew the Hot Bean Dip outta the water.  I hope those bookies in Las Vegas didn't lose their shirts in this face-off.    

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Kathleen said...

Always the comedian you are!