Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nobody's Gonna Slow Me Down, No-oh!

Due to that ever pesky and persistent tendonitis visitor that comes and sets up shop in either or both of my ankles and totally outstays its welcome where ever and whenever it wants if I happen to run too much or too often, I have finally been banished to our treadmill.  And, frankly?  This brings me no real joy.  At least, not the way running does.  

That "runner's zone" is real, I tell ya.  While running, I can escape into my own little world (um, sometimes that happens even when I'm not running--Oh!  Hello!  Why is my phone in the freezer?, but I digress), and some of my most brilliant shenanigans are dreamed up while I am running.  It's an escape from reality!  It's even better than escaping from reality by watching those durned Twilight movies!  And, those movies are pretty doggone far from reality (or good movie making), if you're asking me.  Which you're not.  So, never mind.

Since I actually enjoy (imagine that!) living my life without a pronounced gimp (think Festus from Gunsmoke), I've decided to try to lock the door on that tendonitis and use the treadmill at a 12%-15% incline instead.  YEEHAW!  Can you say burn baby, burn?  This is not easy.  You try it.  Seriously, this. is. not. easy.  And, not nearly as fun as running.  However, I must admit that I looooooove to wear my high heels without audibly gasping in sheer pain with each and every step I take, so I've had to make some compromises.

While the treadmill and I will never be bff's, I think I do have a better relationship with it than these folks:

I swear, I was guffawing right out loud at some of these people!  And, now I'm scared.  Mocking others is never good karma.  Wish me luck on that t-mill tomorrow!  If Dave finds me embedded in the sheetrock of the back wall, you can tell him that I totally deserved it.


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I, unfortunately, watched this before I headed over to the gym and now I am afraid! Very afraid!

Morris Family said...

I was laughing so hard that Addi had to run over and see what it was that I was laughing at. I have always wanted a treadmill in my basement, now I am kind of rethinking that dream! :)

Kathleen said...

Really? Who thinks that riding a unicycle on a treadmill is a good idea?? This was SO funny. I can't imagine ever using one myself, I prefer the Elliptical. =)