Monday, March 26, 2012

Sean to the Rescue or: How I Barely Dodged the "Ugly Cry"

See that handsome boy in the middle pulling my darling Christian's luggage along?  Recognize that dashing young man?  Seanie, who teaches Spanish at the MTC (how fortuitous!), had just begun his shift shortly after we took our photos at the temple and right before we dropped off Christian for his two-year stint in Sweden.  (If you missed it the first time around, you can read about that here.)  Sean told me to give him a call when we were getting close to (dramatic music inserted here: duh duh duuuuhhh) THE CURB.  I did, and out came Sean, leaving his district in their classroom for a few moments (with the charge to not climb out of the windows, I'm guessing) in order to grab one last brotherly hug.  

Do you know how my heartache was lifted like, A TON, to see my two boys walking off into the sunset together walking into the MTC together after I gave Christian one last suffocating embrace?  Of course, this now left Sean with the duty of saying the very, VERY last goodbye for the family, and I'm sorry for inadvertently throwing Seanie under the bus like that, but my spirits were soaring at the sight of these two boys, side by side, confidently walking toward the entrance.  No collapsing on that cement sidewalk for them.  No siree.  For good or for ill, that's one way they'll never be like their old lady.  

Anywho, this could not have been a better turn of events for me.  And, I know that Dave, for one, will forever be grateful to Sean for doing what ultimately played a big part in staving off what surely would have been Dave dealing with his wife dissolving into her "ugly cry."  And, that ain't too pretty, just so you know.


Lisa said...

Girl, I am absolutely positive you have a glamorous cry!

Morris Family said...

That video captured my ugly cry frame by frame by frame!

What a good son, that Sean is, to come out and take one for the team by saying that last family goodbye! I am already anxiously awaiting Christian's next letter! :)