Monday, March 12, 2012


We're down to two?  Two days?  Are ya kiddin' me?  Holding it together, holding it together . . . 

Christian, on the other hand, is absolutely rarin' to go and is crazy excited to get this show on the road, just as he should be.  Just as I would want him to be.  I can deal with my own lonesomeness in my own way (again that retail therapy rears its ugly but useful head) as long as I know Christian is happy as a clam.  I want nothing but giddiness and enthusiasm and sparkle and high hopes for our young missionary, and that's just what he possesses.  Good on ya, Elder Sagers!  Go forth and serve!!!

I've told Christian that all will be well with me as long as he fully comprehends how much I love him, and he tells me that he does.  I have my doubts that he will ever truly realize how much I love and adore him, but his tender assurance is good enough for now.  All is well.


Morris Family said...

I can't believe that Christian will be entering the mission field in just a matter of hours now. I remember when you were pregnant with him! (Does that make me old?)
Also, I don't know that children ever realize how much their parents love them. I know mine don't!

Lisa said...

You. Can. Do. This.