Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. Black Velvet Suit!


In this photo, Birthday Boy Dave was post-high school, pre-mission, and had a thing for fat ties and velvet duds.  His platform shoes were pretty hep too, making him even longer and lankier.  (Wish he wore those platform shoes now since I have a thing for my 4" heels, causing me to forever say to Birthday Boy Dave, "Be sure to stand up straight, cuz I've got my high heels goin' on!")

For you sharp-shooters out there who have an eye for detail, you may recognize that Birthday Boy Dave is standing in front of Heritage Halls, my place of residence during my freshman year at BYU.  Yes, you would be the Final Jeopardy winner if you said, "Glory be, I think that's where Christian was living merely six weeks ago, isn't it?!"  BINGO!  Yup, same place!  And, you would be the Double Jeopardy winner if you said, "And, didn't Ashley live there during her freshman year, too?"  Crazy that what goes around, comes around, huh!  Seanie skipped the whole on-campus, cinderblock housing thing right out of high school and went straight for a shack in Honduras.  Go figure.

Further proof of the same old, same old.  I think the cinderblock walls we see behind Birthday Boy Dave are identical to those in Christian's and Ashley's Heritage Halls bedrooms.  Nothing. has. changed.  But, hey!  What's Birthday Boy Dave doing in my room? Whoops.  Heh, heh. Don't ask me.  I have no recollection of what he was doing in there because I'm fiercely distracted by my ginorm Jackie O. sunglasses on the shelf up above Birthday Boy Dave's head. What the what?

--One of six boys
--Goes by "Dave", "Sags", "Papa", "Mower Man", "Monkey Boy"*
--Loves Japanese food, especially Katsudon
--Love his lawn; I mean, LUUUUUVS his lawn
--Dick Van Dyke, Andy Griffith, and Jimmy Stewart are his heroes
--Is happiest when mowing his lawn
--Interviewed in h.s. by national news about his amateur film
--Mows his lawn at least three times a week during the summer
--Is one of those black licorice eaters *shudder*
--Calls his lawn "Your Highness"
--Spoils his high-maintenance wife rotten
--Adores his children
--Cannot get enough of his grandson
--Wishes that he could mow his lawn every. single. day.


And, while we're on the subject of our beloved BYU campus (and, yes we were--weren't you paying any attention at all???), here I am as a college sophomore with those good old Deseret Towers (may they R.I.P.) behind me.  Or, would that be, in front of me?  But jeepers, ya got me on this one, guys.  What in sam hill AM I doing in this photo, anyway?  If memory serves, my friend, Sheri, and I were a little over-eager to hit up Sundance Ski Resort, and we thought that this would be a close substitute.  Frankly, I think what we were actually(!) doing was showing off and being flat-out dorks.  Unfortunately, that part of me hasn't changed a whole bunch . . .

*jk about that one


Stargirl said...

I was out on a walk and saw you drive up to your house with a car full of balloons! So, of course, I had to check your blog to see what the party was about. :) Happy Birthday, Brother Sagers!

Love, Mette

Deon said...

I didn't see you Mette! Yeah, so those balloons? Since there were so many of them crammed in the back of my car, they were basically all over my head while I was driving. I about had a heart attack when one of them popped right in my ear--couldn't really hear for a while after that . . .

Gwyl said...

Happy Birthday Dave. I'm glad someone likes lawn, grass, pasture, fields, and other mow-able places. :-)

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Mower Man!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to one of Dougie's and my favorite people!

Jenni Elyse said...

Happy birthday, Dave! I hope you had a great day!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Dave! You haven't changed a bit, you don't look a day older than . . . !!!

BTW, I seem to remember a Farmer Dave too!

Dave said...

Thank you all for your kind wishes!