Monday, May 07, 2012

And, I Didn't Even Burn Down the House! (That's a miracle, right there!)

When our neighborhood got together a while back for a folksy, old-fashioned, and fabulously fun picnic in the park, many, many homemade pies were held up for public scrutiny, heckling, and/or admiring. They were also held up for judging. Those pies were judged. Publicly judged. Is that what we're supposed to be about, people? Judging others? Alright, it was judging others' pies. I guess it's a different matter entirely once food gets involved in the dustup.

As it turns out, my little ol' pie was the grand poobah of the pie contest! SHRIEK! I know! Stuff like this never, hardly ever, happens to me and my pies. For the record, yes, Dave was one of those doing the judging, scrutinizing, heckling and/or admiring (and tasting, I'm guessing), but since he is a man of integrity, he recused himself from judging my particular pie. How that all worked out in the end is a mystery to me, but apparently the other judges just ate up my pie (literally) and let me have it! The prize, I mean. Not the pie. And, certainly not in the face, praise the heavens. 

For my efforts, I won a bag of beautiful cherries, a gift card to Kneaders, and a handy-dandy pie server which doesn't work quite as well as a rolling pin when it comes to defending oneself from an home intruder while in the middle of one's pie baking, but it can give a good slap!

Tune in next time to get this swimming in butter award-winning pie recipe so you can make it yourself!  Who knows?  Maybe you too will win a handy-dandy home intruder repellant in the form of a good, sturdy pie server.  (I still maintain a rolling pin would give a better klonk to the head, but whatev.)


Lisa said...

This is high praise, indeed! Congratulations! Confession: I have never made a pie and I so would like to know how. Why don't you come over and teach me?

Melissa said...

I am still waiting! I have never made a pie - yours will be my very first!!

Congratulations, you!!