Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Sean Graciously Saved Me From Myself

Gear up for the sweetest thing, boys and girls:  

I called Seanie on Saturday and got his voicemail.  I figured he was at his work at the MTC doing that whole, you know, teaching adoring greenie missionaries how to say "Howdy-do, ya'll!  Want to learn more about the LDS Church?" {except in Espanol} thing, so I just left a voicemail message.  A little bit later, Seanie returned my call and then almost immediately said, "Uhhhhhhhhh, Mom?  Uh, can I call you right back?"  Well, GUESS WHAT?  Yup!  You're probably way ahead of me here, right?  Seanie indeed was just leaving work right then when he returned my call and then just happened upon Christian!  While I was on the phone with him!  I know!  Can you believe this?!  So, Sean hung up with me without telling me what was what and then promptly went and gave Christian one last, lovely brotherly hug goodbye as Christian was due to fly out the following Monday.  Wanna know the truth?  (Excuse me.  Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  I'm tearing up even as I write this because those two boys have such a love for one another like you've never seen. Tick, tock.  Tick, tock.  It is truly a beautiful thing.)  Sorry.  Okay, I'm okay.  Yes, I'm okay.  Waaaaahhhhhhhh.  Anywho, Seanie then called me back and told me he had just seen Christian and embraced him and sent him off with his blessing.  Hark!  Do you hear angels singing?  

Believe me or not, I was actually very thankful that Sean didn't tell me what was going down while I was on the phone with him, for that would have simply been just too ding-dong hard for me to handle at that moment in time.  It also would have put me in an impossibly awkward situation in that I would have desperately wanted to talk to my young elder, yet I'm all about keeping those mission rules because I know awesome blessings come from that whole being obedient jazz.  What would I have done given the opportunity?  What?  What?  WHAT?  Thankfully, Seanie saved me from myself that day.  What a good boy he is to go behind his mama's back like that.  Thank you, Sean.  I love you for being so protective and wise.

Sidebar:  Sean has had the great luck of seeing and speaking with Christian quite a few times during Christian's nine-week stay at the MTC.  What a tender mercy for this mama who loves all of her children more than life itself.


Lisa said...

Phew! That was a close one.

Morris Family said...

I just got teary reading that. (I have been one emotional Mama lately.) I hope that my girls grow up to have a love for one another like that!