Monday, May 14, 2012

" . . . I Gather the Blossoms the Whole Meadow Over . . . "

Although I needed not a whit of anything more for Mother's Day, what with already having the best gifts I could ever ask for--my awesomer than awesome children and son-in-law and cuter-than-belief grandson--Dave did it up right and gave me the next best thing in the world:  flowers!  Loads and loads of lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, inspiring, hope-giving flowers!  Just have a look!  From the backyard to the front porch to the balcony to the deck!  That man planted and planted and planted, leaving me practically giddy with all of the adorable colors and cuteness!  Did I mention that I LOVE flowers?  

Take a close look at the pic of me with the two little pots of delicate yellow blossoms.  Dave salvaged those flowers out of the late winter/early spring plantings we had in the urns on the front porch, and he put them in these little pots which are now tucked away on an obscure little pathway in our yard.  He calls it my "secret garden."  Now, isn't that just the sweetest thing ever.

Oh, and there's more!  I missed taking pictures of the planters standing guard by our garage doors.  Thank goodness for those; one never knows when a mighty guard petunia might be needed!!!  


Lisa said...

It's the perfect gift and you will enjoy it until Fall. I can just spell that beautiful Utah air. But what I really want to know about is that Monday phone call? How is your boy?!

Beth said...

Gorgeous, wonderful, sweet smelling flowers! What more could a women want! Dave is awesome!