Friday, June 15, 2012

Countdown to Kimball!: Clue #2

Hey, Kimball!  Great job trying to guess from clue #1 what that little surprise is that Papa and I have  at our house, and I'm pretty darn tootin' sure you will want to get your hands on it when you come stay with us!  Your guess of "a pink hand" was a totally awesome guess!  High five, mister!

So, Kimball, while your guess was a great try, it wasn't exactly correct.  But, again, great try, buddy!  The others who guessed "a child-sized rocket" and "a t-ball bat" get a high five from me as well.  YAY!  Thanks for joining in this hoohah!  Alas, your guesses were not exactly correct either.  Sorry.

Is everyone now ready for a little more help?  Here is clue #2:

I'm sure you're all, like, "Help?  Help?  You call that HELP?"  I admit, it's a head-scratcher, to be sure!  Just indulge me and my wacked-out self, that's all I ask; I'll reward you with an easier clue tomorrow if you do.  Maybe. 


ckm said...

Avengers/super hero dress-up helmet.

Ashley said...

Kimball says it is a "plastic fire ball"