Sunday, June 17, 2012

Countdown to Kimball!: Clue #4

Yeehaw, boys and girls!  We're clipping right along with this little obnoxious game of mine of trying to figure out what Papa and I schemed up, aren't we!  Clue #1, clue #2, and clue #3 were of no help, I know.  So, brace yourselves for a stellar clue #4! 

Ah.  I see.  I sense many of you are out there just tapping your foot thinking, "For the love of pete, JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!  You call this a clue?  All this shows is that you are a rotten photographer!  Give us something, anything, to go on before we throw ourselves out a ten-story window!"  I know that's what you're all thinking, isn't it. Well, I just may be a rotten photographer, but I am pretty good mindreader, so just watch yourselves.  

I don't know, I think this is a pretty decent clue, actually.  See, we've got texture and color and blurriness . . . .  Heh heh.  Sorry about that blurriness.  Yes, I KNOW I'm a rotten photographer; I think we sufficiently established that fact, thank you very much.


Just do your best, people; see what you can do with what little scraps you've been given.  That's all I ask.   And, thanks for playing along!  You guys are such good sports! 

Blurry clue #4:

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I just received another photograph from the wife of Christian's mission president!  She said that she is so impressed with Christian, believing him to be the one who instigated the thank you note that was left on her kitchen table the morning Christian and the other elders left the mission home to travel to their new areas.  Yes!  That's my boy!
I think, although I may be wrong (that has happened at least once before), these three are pointing to Sundsvall, Sweden, the area where Christian will be serving for his first transfer.  It must be quite the place cuz these guys look like they just hit the tri-state lotto or some such.  (Christian's "grandfather" {the elder who trained Christian's trainer} is on the left; Christian's "father" {Christian's trainer} is in the middle; extraordinarily awesome and handsome Christian is on the right.)


Gwyl said...

Well Deon, This last clue was all I needed to figure it out. I hope there is a helmet and training wheels to go with it! :-)

Gwyl said...

And I'll bet Kimball will have a blast with it.

Ashley said...

I'm with Gwyl, I hope there is a helmet. But that child is way beyond needing training wheels! Wheee!

ckm said...

This amazing picture totally gave it away for me ... love the nubbies for more traction. I think he's going to love taking ramps :)