Monday, June 18, 2012

Countdown to Kimball!: Clue #5


As you will soon see from the clue below, we're finally getting somewhere in this little hare-brained obstacle course I'm making you guys go through in your quest to see what Papa and I bought for little Kimball to use while he is here and which will undoubtedly lead to some mighty big-pants showing off for us!

Um, I'm now sort of regretting this big buildup because everyone will probably be disappointed that the surprise isn't a full-sized ferris wheel or something.  Kimball isn't as jaded as that, is he, Ash? 

Whatev.  Moving on!

You guys will probably be tempted to bow down and kiss my feet and throw rose petals over my head and come on over to my house and clean my bathrooms after you see the stunner of a clue I'm offering you today!  What a gift!  I'm practically handing the answer to you on an engraved sterling silver platter, complete with foie gras and clams on the half shell, for goodness sake!  

Take a look at clue #5:

You are so welcome!  BTW, you can come clean my bathrooms anytime this week after Tuesday.   See you then! *Air kisses* (Don't worry, I'll provide the rags  and the Comet.)

Just an FYI:  Training wheels are NOT involved.


Melissa said...

I think it's some sort of rocket something they would race on Little Rascals.

I'm picturing old school goggles and a white scarf!

Ashley said...

After many, many heavy hints, Kimball guessed: a horsey. A wagon. A car. A BIKE!!! He is so excited!