Saturday, June 02, 2012

F.R.I.D.A.Y., and Someone {Aldolpho?} to Watch Over Me

Oh, Sean is such a good boy.  He does so many things for others merely out of the kindness of his heart, no ulterior motives secretly hidden away, not wishing for a favor in return, not serving others out any sense of pressure or guilt; he just flat-out desires to be kind and make others happy.  Where does a mother get one of those models, you say?  Hey, ya got me.  Sean just came that way, and I'm doing my best to just stand back and not mess any of this up.

Case in point: Check out the photo below showing Sean treating his mama with nothing but thoughtfulness and graciousness.  I mean, how many tall, handsome, eligible, bachelors do you know who would spend a lunch listening patiently to his mom's very unique version of, " . . . yada yada, blah blah, . . . and then I bought these daaaaahrling red shoes you'd just luv them I know you would, . . . yada yada, . . . did I already tell you that I blew Dad's mind during Boggle when I spelled BUYDEONAPORSCHE during every one of our three rounds?, . . . blah blah, blah, . . . I hope nice neighbor Mr. Olpin wasn't too attached to that big chunk of lawn under my car tire, . . . yada yada, yada . . . ."  See? I bet you don't find that kind of long-suffering son around every corner!  Holy cats, I am spoiled. 
Now! Where is that flaming-haired Aldolpho lurking this time?
I've added the video below to give you a clue.  I realize the clue may throw you off the scent more than it will help you, but it was the first thing that popped into my sorta-warped brain.  

So didja spy Aldolpho chilling in super stylish styrofoam while being awed by super stylish Emily from our last episode of the F.R.I.D.A.Y. frou frou?  And say, by the way, did you know that styrofoam was first discovered by a Swede?  A SWEDE!!!  See!  Sweden-bound Christian is with us in spirit (if not in his lankiness) at these very fetching F.R.I.D.A.Y. follies!  SCORE!  Or, I guess I should write STÄLLNINGEN!

Does this photo--being partly black and white, partly color--remind you a bit of The Wizard of Oz?  How does Aldolpho rate being in color anyway?  I suppose he could pass for a small-in-stature and colorful munchkin, now that I think hard about it.  Tangent.  Sorry.


Emily Ann said...

You know, driving a Porsche in red high heels is a sure fire way to get attention! But until you get that Porsche keep on running over your neighbors lawn! ;) Now I am paranoid about someone looking over my shoulder! UH-OH!

Lisa said...

I am 100% positive Sean looks forward to these lunches as much as you do.