Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yeehaw! Ride 'Em, Cowpokes!

Remember this missionary merriment?  Here, I'll just go ahead and show it to you again since it is so ding-dong hilarious:

Christian launching himself into the Swedish smörgåsbord stratosphere!

I don't know why, but I suddenly feel so much closer to Christian after a recent outing I went on with Ashley, Kimball, and Dave.  It's as if the thousands of miles separating my young elder and myself have suddenly melted away.  You'll see why in just a jiffy.

(Sidebar:  Looking at Christian's picture makes me realize something.  I'm sure I'm completely wrong about this, but the thought did occur to me that perhaps I possess very dominant "goofball genes" which then got passed down to my offspring, causing them to be doomed to a life of shenanigans and harebrained-ness, just like me.  If that is the case, Mama is so sorry, children. So, so sorry.  But just look at that pic of Christian!)

Not one to be out-goofed, I insisted that the gang and I give Christian our full support in everything that he does, which, surprise!  surprise!, includes this:

Kimball wants to be like Uncle Christian in every way, even to the point of stooping to doing "babyish" things--things for which he is much, much too mature but does them out of complete respect and love for his 
beloved Uncle Christian.

Ashley really poured her whole heart and soul into this effort, putting the rest of us springy-sproingy cowpokes to shame.  Just look at that perfect form! You can see that even Kimball, a veteran of sproinginess, is in awe.  Ten!

Dave was sadly mistaken when he thought an umbrella would be just the ticket to spur his  camel, horsey, moose, molded plastic whatever to victory.  As you can clearly see, he lost the race.  The instant replay will bear me out.

I'm simply doing what comes naturally to me--acting like a complete goober.  But I swear, I feel Christian is here, if not in person, at least in his 
unfailingly happy-go-lucky spirit :D

If all of this is not a tribute to Christian and all that he means to us, I don't know what is.  We'd do anything for that awesome elder!  Right, gang?  Guys???  RIGHT?!!! Thank you.  That's more like it.  YEEHAW!


Beth said...

That really is hilarious! I'm in awe with how you are able to get Dave and the gang to go along with your hijinks! You must bribe better then me! Oh wait, I just figured it out, Gwyl inherited the bah humbug gene!

Kathleen said...

I love that Ashley has perfect form even in a skirt! Way to go Ash! I think the pink leggings add a bit of pizzaz myself. =)

Chloe said...

Hahaha...I love this. Especially because I have a photo from senior year of Christian on one of these park animals. I think I laughed out loud when I saw the photo of him on facebook. :)