Friday, September 07, 2012

Hey, Mr. EcoLife! Please Don't Take Away My (Eco)Life!

I know that to certain random people, it may mean nothing, but actually my life means a little somethin' somethin' to me and mine.  So, I say, "Hey, Mr. Man Who Was Driving a Very Large and Very Heavy Truck Directly Behind Me, please don't plow your EcoLife truck into the back of my car and take away my (eco)life!  I could tell that you were absolutely fascinated with your texts or your emails or your viewing of 101 Dalmations (whatev) on your phone, but in the future, please keep your eyes off of your phone and put them smack dab onto the back of my car!  Especially when you're vehicle is traveling forward?  Straight at me?  Thanks ever so much.  You're a lifesaver!"  (yuk, yuk)

I took this photo during a stop so I could avoid being a flat-out hypocrite.  I hate it when that happens.  Which it does.  Often.  Well, not too often, but often.  Or, sometimes.  But, not too often.  Just, sometimes.  Let's just say that I do try to avoid it if I possibly can.  Mostly.

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