Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Oh. There Goes the Brandy. Too Bad."

Who said this:

"Take your casserole and give it a little shimmy!"

Was it:

A:  Lady Gaga
B:  Elvis Presley
C:  Julia Child

And, the correct answer would be . . . 

C:  Julia Child!

And, how would I know such a trivial thing?  Why, I was watching a couple of  original 1963 episodes of "The French Chef" on PBS on Saturday while sweating my guts out on that torture device otherwise known as my treadmill, that's how I know such a trivial thing.  And, I'll tell you what--that Julia Child was so entertaining, so unrehearsed, so unabashed, so at ease, so totally at home in that kitchen, without a care in the world about any misstep (and there were several), that she caused my time of agony on that blasted treadmill to be amazingly fun and fancy free!  That was a muuurrricle, ya'll!

Other notables from these episodes of "The French Chef":

--Julia's awkward sidelong glances at the off-camera clock.

--The kitchen counter hits a 6' 2" Julia at about mid-thigh.

--Julia "accidentally" (yeah, right) pours vermouth instead of oil into the pot.  Twice.  (See the 3:29 mark and the 20:05 mark.)  Says Julia with a shrug, "But, that doesn't make any difference."  Doesn't make any difference?  Vermouth = oil?  Hilarious!

--I kept hearing a train in the background.  I swear I did.

This is simply stellar television in my book.

Watch French Onion Soup on PBS. 
See more from The French Chef.


Melissa said...

I am taking notes. I love, love, LOVE Julia! Thanks for the share!

ckm said...

Her chopping skills are amazing!

Lisa said...

Have you bought the book yet??!!!