Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leave It To . . .

Leave it to my sister-in-law Beth to put on one of the most rootin' tootin'-est birthday parties I have ever had the pleasure of attending!  She used the theme of cars since her husband (and my brother) Gwyl, the birthday boy, is a die-hard Hot Wheels aficionado with a collection of cars any little kid would faint over.  

Beth had racing flags, official race participant credential lanyards, booths for games, a redemption table busting with toys, and she even arranged to have one of Gwyl's fellow Hot Wheels buddies bring his restored car to the festivities for photo ops.  This girl can do up a bash, and how!

This was an unbelievable hoohah!

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you sense that there are eyes watching you?  Yeah, well . . . 

Congratulations, it's a boy!  
(Original birth card)

These darling children bequeathed me with boxes of beautiful flowers, rocks, nuts, and leaves.  Over.  And over.  And over.  The little painted princess on the right is holding one of their offerings :)

Looks like Gwyl is now fully stocked up on the necessities for the "mature" set.

Who are these hooligans?  Anybody know these people?


Grandma Beth wasn't paying Paige enough attention, and she ended up with a lap full of water.

The Brady Bunch: The Later Years.

Our gorgeous ride through Sardine Canyon on the way home from the big bash.  Oh, my.

Hey!  How about taking June, Wally and The Beave out for a spin?  
That would be swell!

And finally, check out how the fiercely fought Hot Wheels race went down!

Epilogue:  This was billed as a surprise party for Gwyl, and as the story was told to me, an older man who had been invited to the party approached Gwyl at church about a week before the big shindig and said something along the lines of, "So!  I hear there is a surprise birthday party for you coming up?!"  Uhhhh.


Dave said...

Ahh, the vintage American automobile. A lost art...

What a fun time we had!

Lisa said...

I love the family pic of you and your siblings. But I must comment on Dave! He is a shadow of his former self! Looking good!