Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Osmonds of Sweden!

It is a small, small world, guys! (Ooh, work really hard not to get that song stuck in your head, although sadly it is now too late for me.) 

Christian just landed in a new area in Sweden, and he has already met these 1980s heartthrobs!  To prove even further that that whole "six degrees of separation" deal is really only about two degrees of separation, the parents of these three boys now live merely two streets away from us and attend our local church congregation!  Killer, huh!  The parents told us that their boys won the Eurovision Song Contest* in 1984 and toured around Europe and Russia.  The group broke up when the oldest brother decided to serve an LDS mission.  They still live in Sweden and two have been bishops and one is now the institute director for the LDS Church in Christian's new area.  

Gee, you just gotta love that very distinctive 1980s look.  The gold boots are simply the cherry on the top!

                            This is the English version:


This is the Swedish version:


*Other artists whose careers were launched by the Eurovision Song Contest are ABBA and Celine Dion which just goes to show that this is pretty legit.  I mean, ABBA!  Mama mia, guys!  

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