Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Thanksgiving Day Gift From Sweden!

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!  

And, Happy Thanksgiving Day to me from a very thoughtful sister who is serving with her husband in Christian's mission!  Syster Oscarson sent this photo to me today, making my Thanksgiving Day all the sweeter!  Sometimes blessings come from unexpected places!

From Syster Oscarson:

"Dear Parents,

Here is a picture of your missionary taken today after district meeting. They didn't get to eat pumpkin pie today, but they got to smell it, as I was baking in preparation for Thanksgiving Dinner at the institute tomorrow night. If they bring an investigator, they will be coming. Next monday we are having a zone Thanksgiving Dinner in Jönköping, just for the missionaries, where we will do it all again.

Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm sure you are all missing your missionary, but we are grateful that we are able to spend our holidays with them. There's no place like home, unless you are in the mission field!"


Dave said...

This is the best treat of all on Thanksgiving - to know that your son is in the right place, doing the right thing, with the right people. Thank you so much Sister Oscarson for sharing this with us!

Lisa said...

I know how much this added to the festivity of your day. It's hard to circle around that dining room table and have that boy missing so having this communication on this particular day is such a tender mercy.