Friday, November 02, 2012

And So It Begins!

The "Wall of Thanks" is up and running!
The rules of the wall go something like this:  

1)  Every person who enters our home, for whatever reason, is encouraged to write one thing for which they are thankful.  (If, by chance, our plumber happens to be needed, he too will be happy to oblige our request, I'm quite certain.)

2)  Those living here are encouraged to write one note of gratitude on the wall each day during the month of November.

3)  If any of you awesome, awesome blog friends leave me a comment about something that just floats your boat, I will write it on the "Wall of Thanks," take a pic of it, and include it in my end-of-the-month post.

4)  When the end of November rolls around, the "Wall of Thanks" will get shipped off to our much beloved elder in Sweden so he can revel in all of our thanks by taping this to his own stylish Swedish wall!

Okay, everybody, I'd love to hear from you all!  And, not just once!

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Melissa said...

Oh, how I love this!

I am grateful for friends both near and far. The kind that think about me even when I don't have time to think about myself! Friends like you, Miss Deon!

Kathleen said...

I am grateful for Deon! She always makes me laugh and has these wonderful ideas. Her positive attitude is infectious.

Deon said...

Aw, gee. Thanks Melissa and Kat! These comments will be front and center on the wall, ha!

Lisa said...

The members of my family are all in a really good place right now on many, many levels. How grateful I am.

Kathleen said...

I am thankful to have a brother who is officially in remission from Lymph Cancer!

Ashley said...

I'm thankful for:

loving grandparents, parents, siblings, husband, and child.

sea-salted caramels from Trader Joe's.

good friends.