Monday, December 24, 2012

Day Six Brings Lots of Sweetness!

Kimball's face is only a subtle harbinger of things to come.  Read on! 

Time was on Ashley's side as she constructed her fabulous clock tower!  Looks like the bewitching hour must begin at precisely 10:10.

Marian's very clever and perfectly scaled-to-size stable for the nativity!  She didn't even figure our nativity set into her planning, but sometimes things just sync up like that.  Awesome.

Sean's house of cards!  It's sturdy!  It's solid!  It's see-through!  I like the sunning decks on each side, perfect for morning and afternoon basking!

Dave's "witch house" (think Hansel & Gretel) looks so innocent, doesn't it.  The name definitely concerned Kimball more than just a tiny bit.

Kimball and Deedee's free-form structure.  Kimball was definitely in his element sawing those walls with his little plastic knife and directing the entire project!

 Jordan's stately manor house!  I'm looking for Bates the valet and Anna the upstairs maid to pop out any minute.  Where are those two anyway? 

Not one to ever be left out of the hullabaloo, Aldolpho makes his appearance thinking he's all "wise" and such.  Where is his frankensense and/or myrrh?  

Your Frank Lloyd Wright Award recipients of 2012!

Now, for some serious gingerbread house-ing, check this out:
See how it was done here.

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