Friday, December 28, 2012

Day Ten of Rollicking Fun with Kimball! More Importantly, Happy, Happy Birthday, Master K!

This little man turns four years old today!  Can I get a WOOT, WOOT and a TOOT, TOOT!  We love our little Kimball with all of our hearts, and we are so grateful he is a part of our eternal family!  It's crazy, but it is so hard to think of life without this sweet little boy!!!

In honor of day ten of fun with Kimball, I give you ten pics in which you must find Aldolpho.  And, if I didn't already love Macey's grocery store to pieces, I love it even more now after they allowed us to goof off and make such nuisances of ourselves this evening!  Papa is a pretty good sport too!

Did you find Aldolpho in all ten photos?  Somehow, somewhere, he lost one of his gold disco shoes.  Sad.

Kimball insisted (really!) that I take this pic!  In fact, this is the second take because he wasn't quite satisfied with the first one :D  Don't be fooled into thinking this is what we're looking forward to with his new four-year-old-ness; Kimball has a very sweet and tender heart and is our pride and joy!


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Dave said...

I miss my cart buddy. It was so fun having Ashley, Jordan and Kimball around for Christmas!