Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kimball the Fiesty Pirate on the Briny Sea--Day Seven!

 Kimball wrangled Papa into setting up this new gift that Santa delivered to Papa and Deedee so they could add it to their stash of toys, then he and Papa set sail, picking up a stranded castaway along the way! 

Ahoy, matey!

Truth be known, I think First Mate Papa was totally having as much fun inside the pirate ship as Cap'n Kimball!  

Skyping with Christian today was simply stellar!  Photos to come :D

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Lisa said...

I thought about your phone call with Christian and so glad it was not only a call by SKYPE! I'll bet you wished you could put your arms through the screen. Looks like you are having a swashbuckling, rollicking, grog filled good time, you landlubbers!