Thursday, December 27, 2012

Skyping with Christian on Christmas Day--THE BEST PRESENT EVER!!! Also on Tap: Day Nine of Kimball and Friends!

Isn't technology a beautiful thing?  Er, when one can get it to work, that is.  Thank the blessed stars for Seanie who was here to bail out his ol' mom and pop when we couldn't get that blasted Skype to cooperate so we could see our awesome Christian on Christmas Day!  Sean knew just what to do to make the magic happen, and it was simply magical!

Christian seemed as happy as a pickle, and he says he is being looked after so well by the members in his ward, bless their hearts!  He was Skyping with us at his bishop's home who happens to be British, so of course, Christian received those super-fun Christmas poppers. The green crown on Christian's head was one of his prizes.  I was pretty sure the green crown wasn't part of the approved missionary garb, but it was nice to find out for sure. 

If they aren't already, the glasses Christian sports in this first video should be a part of the church-approved missionary look in my humble opinion.  Pretty spiffy if you ask me.

We asked Christian to say a few words in Swedish, and I'd say he could give any of those natives a run for their money.

The translation is pretty darn great too :D

Just between you and me, as soon as we ended our Skype tete-a-tete with our incredible Christian, I basically crumpled into a weeping heap 'o tears, I missed him so.  Let it be known, however, that there is nowhere I would rather he be, nor nothing I would rather he be doing than serving so faithfully and so happily in Sweden! . . . which is freezing . . . and is thousands of miles away from me . . . and I wish I could be with him . . .  

Cosmo earns a big thumbs up from Kimball!

Aldolpho is simply having a ball!  Where is he? 

Kimball is thinking, "Some day.  Some day I'll look at this dude eye to eye and stand shoulder to shoulder!  Gotta eat more Wheaties first though . . . ."  

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