Monday, January 28, 2013


Today would be my mom's 95th birthday.  
Today is also the first time we will mark this day without her.
My admiration for her continues to grow.
My wonderment of her life continues to grow.
My utter love for her continues to grow.
Even as she is not physically here with me.
I am so grateful she is mine.

*I don't recall ever seeing these precious photos of my mother and me nor this last where I am giving the camera quite the scowl.  My brother has worked diligently to take my dad's huge stash of old photo slides and converted hundreds of family photos into digital files for our family to treasure. And, what a treasure they are. Truly a treasure to me.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Aldste Sagers Is Now a Trainer!

Christian's mission president's wife sent these pictures to me today!  This is nearly as good as Christmas, guys!  Let the caroling begin!

Christian and his new companion after finding out their assignments

The awesome duo pointing to the area in which they will be serving together: Kungsbacka, Sweden

Christian and his "family" (elders who have trained elders who then went on to train elders who then went on to train elders . . . )

Allow me to be the first to go on record as saying that I absolutely ADORE Christian's slim cut suit he bought for himself over there in fashion-forward Sweden!  Love. it. so. much.  Love him so much!  Gahhhhhh!  I love my boy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Professor Kimball Via Skype!

When we Skyped with Kimball a couple of days ago, he wanted to show us how he could count to 100.  So, he did! 

Then, Kimball wanted his mom to read to us out of a darling book that he received for his birthday.  And, she did! (Shout out to Rachel and Christine!)

Then, Kimball wanted to show us his mad anatomy skillz.  And, he did!

Then it was our turn.  We wanted see the many faces of our Professor Kimball.  Can you identify his:
a) Silly face?
b) Silly face?
c) Silly face?
d) Angry face?
e) Silly face?

According to the "Rate My Professor" website, our very own Professor Kimball's ratings would most definitely be:
(Professor Kimball can be a pretty exacting grader at times.) 

This is my kind of school!  Can I get extra credit if I bribe the professor under the table with loads candy?  (Oh, hi there, Ash.  Don't mind me . . . )

Monday, January 21, 2013

That One Time I Lost It On Christmas Day

When Christian was just a little feller* he fell in love with Spot and Steve and the gentle and sweet adventures they would encounter in Eric Hill's books. 

To this day, I always think of Christian when I see these books at a bookstore or in a toddler's chubby little hand.

Every monkey we would encounter, whether it was a stuffed monkey, monkey stickers, monkeys at the zoo, would automatically be named "Steve" because of Christian's love for Steve the Monkey and others in these sweet stories.

Imagine my bursting and tender heart when I saw what Christian sent to us as part of our Christmas gifts from him.  Can you believe this darling elder?

                                          Hence, my Christmas Day cry.

*Definition of FELLER (noun) singular, \fel-ur\: 
Name given to an adorable little baby boy named Christian by his oohing and cooing mother and which has remained every bit as much his name as his given name.  

The Feller, Feller, the feller (lower case), hey feller, feller-feller, feller-beller (by big sis but with objections from mom).

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gangsta Style!

Raise your hand if you remember this cartoon character who occasionally mixed it up with Bugs Bunny:

I'm pretty darn tootin' that cartoon character was based on this shady character from "Key Largo."  This is Edward G. Robinson doing his best Johnny Rocco from the film.

As a result of that cartoon/Edward G. Robinson connection going on in my noggin', that's basically all I could think about as Dave, Sean, my sister, and I sat in a freezer(!) (aka BYU's library auditorium) and watched this classic:

Even Aldolpho had hit his limits with the cold in that deep freezer and insisted on returning to the warmth of my purse as soon as the photo op was a done deal.  Anybody find him?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dude! Flippin' Out!

This guy kind of puts my local Statue of Liberty and Little Caesars flip-dudes to shame.  Wonder if he was on color guard at one point?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Playing With Paper Dolls of the Human Variety

Christmas, 2010
 Sean and Christian actually took the trouble to put on their paper doll clothing.  The rest simply used the little shoulder tabs.

Christmas, 2011

I don't know why we didn't take a 2011 human paper doll pic, so please enjoy this substitute in lieu of our 2011 contribution to the collection.

Christmas, 2012
A couple of things about this pic--no Christian {sad face} and a freakily warped and morphed camera angle making us all look a little eerily more like paper dolls, which is rather unsettling quite frankly.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Two Letters

Two letters remain posted on my refrigerator door.  Taped there, to be exact.  Apparently, stainless steel does not attract magnets.  I never knew that until we had this fridge.  Did you know that?  I never knew that.  Anywho . . . 

These two letters have been taped to the ol' fridge since Christmas Day, and I cannot bear to take them down quite yet, for each letter represents two fellows near and dear to my pining and longing heart as they are now miles and miles and miles away from me.  Miles and miles way from me and my pining heart.

Kind of makes me want to cry just a little bit.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Just Getting a Jump on Two Thousand Thirteen!

2013--it sounds like a lucky year to me!
(We can't leave out Aldolpho! Do you see him in each pic?)  

Happy New Year, one and all!!!