Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gangsta Style!

Raise your hand if you remember this cartoon character who occasionally mixed it up with Bugs Bunny:

I'm pretty darn tootin' that cartoon character was based on this shady character from "Key Largo."  This is Edward G. Robinson doing his best Johnny Rocco from the film.

As a result of that cartoon/Edward G. Robinson connection going on in my noggin', that's basically all I could think about as Dave, Sean, my sister, and I sat in a freezer(!) (aka BYU's library auditorium) and watched this classic:

Even Aldolpho had hit his limits with the cold in that deep freezer and insisted on returning to the warmth of my purse as soon as the photo op was a done deal.  Anybody find him?


Kathleen said...

I'm surprised you didn't have your blanket!

Deon said...

Ah, but I did have my blanket, Kat, it's just not in the pic! You know me well!

Lisa said...

How I wish they had a movie series like this at North Central College.