Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Professor Kimball Via Skype!

When we Skyped with Kimball a couple of days ago, he wanted to show us how he could count to 100.  So, he did! 

Then, Kimball wanted his mom to read to us out of a darling book that he received for his birthday.  And, she did! (Shout out to Rachel and Christine!)

Then, Kimball wanted to show us his mad anatomy skillz.  And, he did!

Then it was our turn.  We wanted see the many faces of our Professor Kimball.  Can you identify his:
a) Silly face?
b) Silly face?
c) Silly face?
d) Angry face?
e) Silly face?

According to the "Rate My Professor" website, our very own Professor Kimball's ratings would most definitely be:
(Professor Kimball can be a pretty exacting grader at times.) 

This is my kind of school!  Can I get extra credit if I bribe the professor under the table with loads candy?  (Oh, hi there, Ash.  Don't mind me . . . )

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