Monday, January 21, 2013

That One Time I Lost It On Christmas Day

When Christian was just a little feller* he fell in love with Spot and Steve and the gentle and sweet adventures they would encounter in Eric Hill's books. 

To this day, I always think of Christian when I see these books at a bookstore or in a toddler's chubby little hand.

Every monkey we would encounter, whether it was a stuffed monkey, monkey stickers, monkeys at the zoo, would automatically be named "Steve" because of Christian's love for Steve the Monkey and others in these sweet stories.

Imagine my bursting and tender heart when I saw what Christian sent to us as part of our Christmas gifts from him.  Can you believe this darling elder?

                                          Hence, my Christmas Day cry.

*Definition of FELLER (noun) singular, \fel-ur\: 
Name given to an adorable little baby boy named Christian by his oohing and cooing mother and which has remained every bit as much his name as his given name.  

The Feller, Feller, the feller (lower case), hey feller, feller-feller, feller-beller (by big sis but with objections from mom).


Ashley said...

And that cute/annoying little "Spot's Christmas" VHS we have! That got watched a lot.

Lisa said...

It's too perfect for words.

Kathleen said...

The one time? Maybe that hour! I so do not believe this whole "one time" business, not with that elder. Nope. You aren't convincing enough. =) Bella has a soft spot for Spot too.

Deon said...

Once again, Kat, you do know me well. I will cop to tearing up at the mere mention . . .

ckm said...

That is SO sweet! I love it when the kids finally get "sentimental gifts". There is something about gifts like this. An "Ah Ha" moment. When you know they "get it." When you know that they know why we do what we do because we love them. Julia wanted to give me a framed picture of her hand with Jared's in front of the Salt Lake Temple - like the one John and I did and had framed in the kids rooms for years. I was so touched.