Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day . . . a Year Later

A year ago today, we were in the throes of Dave's nine-day stay in the hospital, worried beyond belief about the touch-and-go status of his very life, and deeply in shock at my mom's passing in the middle of it all. 

This really doesn't need to be said but I will anyway: I am so grateful beyond anything you can imagine that Dave is a healthy, slim, and trim Valentine for me to cherish, love, and take for granted (but not like I did before I learned that little lesson that life is fleeting . . . ), and I simply want to let the world know of my commitment, dedication, and love for this guy. So sappy, I know, but it is the 14th, after all so I think I get a pass.

Dave indulged me with an early Valentine's night at the theater in the round on Monday night. I was over the moon with the fact that he didn't fall asleep once!

Nothing like being on the front row--plenty of opportunities to stick out my foot to, you know, whoops! So sorry! One of the actors asked us about that afterward. In all honesty, I really didn't do it, but the actor really did ask.

Dave knows that nothing floats my boat like fresh flowers. Well played, Dave! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (sans that lovely hospital gown)!


ckm said...

I remember it was a difficult time last year - I didn't realize Dave was so sick and in the hospital for so long. We have so much to be grateful for. He is looking marvelous! Happy Valentines Day to an amazing couple!!!!

Lisa said...

You've got a new lease on life! Fabulous! ( and by the way, Rip and I are going to be on the front row tonight of our favorite little theater.)