Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is This Calendar Me, or What?

 Ashley and Jordan really hit it out of the ballpark this Christmas when they came up with this gift for me! I mean, really! What's not to love here? 

This is an awesome 2013 calendar chock full of high-end, weird, beautiful designer shoes. You know me and shoes. We're like "this"!

If I remember correctly, Jordan is the one who spied this shoe calendar at a store and immediately called Ashley and told her he had found just the! perfect! gift! for! me! Ya think?

I look at this calendar every day as it hangs on my wall in my den. I dream about what it would be like wearing some of these crazy shoes. Other days I'm simply having a great "whooo wheeee" moment imagining a full-grown adult sitting in his or her art studio designing the most outlandish footwear possible and then passing it off as haute couture! Is it just me or is the world sometimes rather topsy-turvey where a pair of shoes with a ladder attached to the heel can be sold for around $3,000? Huh. Maybe it IS just me. Whatever. This calendar simply makes shoe-lovin' me happy.

Let's see. Hmm. Here is the shoe featured on Ashley's birthday. Dare ya to wear that, Ash!

And, here are the shoes featured on Kimball's birthday. Welllllllll, they do sorta, kinda look like awesome robot boots, I'll say that. Perhaps Kimball would wear these!

And, now for Jordan's birthday shoe! Awww, you've always loved blue haven't you, Jordan? I'd pay good money to see you sporting those in one of your conference presentations, whoa.

Thanks, Ashley and Jordan, for knowing me so well and still loving me despite that! I simply adore my shoe calendar!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Where's Waldo aka Aldste Sagers?

Christian's mission president's wife posted this photo to Facebook. This is a gathering of about three zones in the Stockholm area, and since Christian is a zone leader in one of the Stockholm zones, I'm going to take a leap of faith and say he is somewhere among this mass of name tags. Can you find him? Anyone? Anyone?

While I can't say with absolutely certainty that I found him, I thiiiiiiiiiiink he is that tall, handsome, and fetching young elder on the back row. What say ye?

This photo was taken just two days after Christian was down for the count for five days with salmonella poisoning which he picked up from an undercooked chicken who was sharing the luv, as it were. On top of that, Christian's companion was transferred right before this conference, so Christian had to do double duty after having been a zone leader for merely one week, with five of those days being spent on his deathbed.  I'm sure I don't need to remind you, but I am as proud as a peacock of this guy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sights of Sweden

This video was put together by Christian's mission and consists of photos taken by the missionaries themselves. I think I recognize a couple of Christian's own photos here! His mission president's wife, Syster Newell, writes about the video:

We just finished this for the many new missionaries we have arriving as we are doubling our numbers by the beginning of Fall (more specifics, as requested, to follow in another post). This is a collection of pictures personally taken by the missionaries now serving. Everyone who sent in pictures has at least one here. The music is from a wonderful and loved Swedish artist, Carola. You can see the love we missionaries have for this beautiful land and its people. I get a little teary eyed with gratitude when I watch, and hope you enjoy the spirit of this beautiful land and its people who care for it so faithfully.

 In Christian's latest letter, he writes, "I love our mission. I just love it. Can I say that again? I love the leaders, the missionaries, the members, the culture, the food, the nature, the language. It's just the best."

Jeepers, I love this elder!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Those Famous Piano Guys Totally Copied Our Piano Guys!

So, Dave was in charge of our ward's adult Valentine's party but it just wasn't coming together. Add that to the fact that both he and I felt a little "ugh" at the thought of having a Valentine's party for couples when we have quite a few single older folks in our ward who definitely would be welcomed but who may feel awkward enough to simply stay home.

I suggested to Dave that we postpone the party until March and at that time put on an activity that my good old home ward used to put on when I was a teenager: The Annual Spring Fling of the Pleasant View I Ward of Provo, Utawww! YEEHAW!

Back then, the evening usually consisted of dinner and then each auxiliary group, youth group, etc., would do a lip-sync up on the stage. Holy cats, people! To this day I still remember being a squirrely little beehive girl doing "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" from South Pacific, complete with old fashioned washtubs, real water, real shampoo, real hair washing! Totally a blast!

I suggested to Dave that our ward do the same. So, we did. And, it was a hit. A hit that went over the fence and outta the ballpark. 

We had the elders quorum presidency doing a black-light-glow-stick-stickman dance, the relief society presidency doing a Gangham Style LDS rendition, the high priests doing a Jib Jab number, and lots, lots more.

Here are Dave and the rest of the bishopric doing their Piano Guys number. I think the real Piano Guys kinda copied Dave and the gang, don't you? You can see that fakeout here. They totally ripped off our bishopric, don't you think?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ashley and Jordan Have Some 'Splainin' to Do!

Ever heard of a movie called, "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid"? Yeah, well . . . 

Full disclosure: Kimball's 12-year-old friend directed and produced this drama. No four-year-olds were harmed in the making of this video. 

On a different note, we hosted a rip roarin' dessert night a month or so ago. Deep-fried scones were involved. You can see some of that fun and the people who partied it up with us here.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Year Ago!

As is often said by missionaries in the MTC, "Weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks." Amen to that! On the one hand, I can hardly believe it has been exactly one year to the day since Christian left my clawing hands and entered the MTC to begin his wonderful two-year adventure in Sweden!

On the other hand, this seems so, so far away, and I miss him so much that it seems like a lifetime ago that I was last with him.

I could not be more proud of this elder, nor do I ever imagine that my love for him could be any greater. But incredibly, my love for him continues to grow day after day after day! How that happens I just don't know, but it does. I love him so!!!

*Stay tuned for some more one-year anniversary shenanigans!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Sweden is nothing if not resourceful by taking a liability (read: freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold weather {a significant liability in my book}) and turning it into a huge asset via of a cutting-edge tourism attraction! Here are s0me pics of the Icehotel located in Lapland Sweden:

I do have to admit that all of that ice is super perrrty, but still. I just don't like being cold. I shall never change.

While we don't live in that beautiful area of Lapland Sweden, we actually do have our own ice monstrosity of our own, right here in our little neck of the frozen tundra!

This is a view of the ice sculpture from our balcony during the day:

And, here it is at night. See that tiny green speck? The funky thing about this ice sculpture is that the artist rigged it with some sort of a light thingy inside which shuffles through the colors of the rainbow. All night. All night long. It goes from green to blue to purple, etc. All night long. I just don't have a clue what the neighbors say about that. 

I made Dave stop at the ice sculpture one day for a goofy photo op. Please be aware that by the time we took these pics, the ice sculpture was about two months old so it had kind of melted, slumped, shrunk, morphed, but you still get the idea. This angle doesn't truly show that the sculpture is actually about 40 feet tall. Hey! That's even taller than me!

Can you see that little slide behind my left shoulder? Know what that is? Why, it's a little slide! How about that? It looks like a little slide, and lo and behold, it is a little slide! Actually, the top of this little slide is well inside of the ice sculpture in the back, then it comes around and shoots Dave little kids out in the front of the sculpture. Cool, huh! (Pun alert!)

This is a pic we took at night when it's lovely fuchsia hue was having its turn.

And, here is a bit of video Dave took as he pointed our little camera out of our car window (while I was freezing, btw).

Want a bit of chocolate nirvana? Go here. Wowza.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy, Happy Birthday, Grandma Pauline!

Boy oh boy oh boy, if you ever find yourself in need of a halo-wearing angel of a mother-in-law, I sure hope you find one as wonderful as mine! I really lucked out big time in having a mother-in-law who is so supportive, so kind, so positive, so giving, so complimentary, so nonjudgmental, and so loving to me and my family! I couldn't ask for more! Thank you for being such an amazing example of Christ-like love and charity, Grandma Pauline! Oh, and . . . 



Friday, March 08, 2013

Lunching with the "In" Crowd

Thinking he was pretty hot stuff, wacky Aldolpho tried to channel Kilroy this go-round. Find him?

On a different note, you guys should all go here to enter my give away for a super adorable watch! Your chances of winning are pretty ding-dong great at this point, so if I were you . . .

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!, Oh, Wait . . .

Is there a statute of limitations for a Hollywood actress's likability? Apparently, Sally Field's statute of limitations has just expired. At least according to my local newspaper. (I love the Daily Herald :D)

Anybody remember this?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Dearth of Blogging of Late

My darling friend, Lisa, mentioned on her blog the other day that she has seen a huge downturn in the amount of blogging going on among her friends, and I would have to say that I pretty much agree with her about that. I think one of the reasons for that trend is the plethora (ooh, vocabulary word alert!) of other social media platforms that everyone is using. We have Facebook! We have Twitter! We have Instagram! We have Pinterest! We have ChitChat! We have texting! We have smoke signals! (Ha! Just checking to see if you were paying attention.) 

The point is, sometimes blogging almost seems redundant after all of that, but I still like it because much more of the story or the big picture is given through a blog post than is told with a mere 140 characters in a tweety tweet. I also know for a fact that I have a few readers who don't do Facebook, etcetera, etcetera, so I do continue to do this for them as well.

As for me, one of the reasons my blogging has fallen off a bit lately is because I have been devoting a ton of my finite blogging energies on (big breath here) THIS nonsense. Yikes, people! What am I thinking? What am I doing? Heaven knows, I sure don't know. But that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Do you think blogging is going the way of the rotary phone?

Monday, March 04, 2013

The Gold Boots!

Do you remember when I posted this video?

The gold boots featured in this video are now enshrined in plexiglass, and Christian had the pleasure of, no, not wearing them, but of holding them in his trembling (jk) hands! 

As an explanation, some members of the group, The Herreys, live in Christian's latest area in Sweden, and it appears that Christian has been rubbing shoulders with the Eurovision Song Contest winners!

I'm wondering how those boots would look with Christian's conservative missionary suit? He might start a fashion trend with that look. Ya just never know. Europe has always been one step ahead of the U.S. when it comes to cutting edge fashion. The more I think about it, the more I like it . . . .

Friday, March 01, 2013

The Newest Cult Hero

". . . and then, in a single instant, Sean was elevated to 'SUPER SEAN' in the cult-hero hierarchy rankings."

Sean was asked to make a presentation to the little cub scouts at the annual Blue & Gold Banquet, addressing how serving an LDS mission will help prepare these boys for future service.

I missed taking a pic of when Sean whipped out his machete, flashing that thing around, but you better believe that those little 8, 9, and 10-year-old boys just about fainted dead away with envy and with awe. One mom even emailed me about how her boy's eyes just about popped out of his head at that moment.

Way to go Sean! ¡Hizo un trabajo maravilloso, y yo estoy tan orgulloso de usted! ¡Te quiero tanto!!!