Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Sweden is nothing if not resourceful by taking a liability (read: freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold weather {a significant liability in my book}) and turning it into a huge asset via of a cutting-edge tourism attraction! Here are s0me pics of the Icehotel located in Lapland Sweden:

I do have to admit that all of that ice is super perrrty, but still. I just don't like being cold. I shall never change.

While we don't live in that beautiful area of Lapland Sweden, we actually do have our own ice monstrosity of our own, right here in our little neck of the frozen tundra!

This is a view of the ice sculpture from our balcony during the day:

And, here it is at night. See that tiny green speck? The funky thing about this ice sculpture is that the artist rigged it with some sort of a light thingy inside which shuffles through the colors of the rainbow. All night. All night long. It goes from green to blue to purple, etc. All night long. I just don't have a clue what the neighbors say about that. 

I made Dave stop at the ice sculpture one day for a goofy photo op. Please be aware that by the time we took these pics, the ice sculpture was about two months old so it had kind of melted, slumped, shrunk, morphed, but you still get the idea. This angle doesn't truly show that the sculpture is actually about 40 feet tall. Hey! That's even taller than me!

Can you see that little slide behind my left shoulder? Know what that is? Why, it's a little slide! How about that? It looks like a little slide, and lo and behold, it is a little slide! Actually, the top of this little slide is well inside of the ice sculpture in the back, then it comes around and shoots Dave little kids out in the front of the sculpture. Cool, huh! (Pun alert!)

This is a pic we took at night when it's lovely fuchsia hue was having its turn.

And, here is a bit of video Dave took as he pointed our little camera out of our car window (while I was freezing, btw).

Want a bit of chocolate nirvana? Go here. Wowza.

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