Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Year Ago!

As is often said by missionaries in the MTC, "Weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks." Amen to that! On the one hand, I can hardly believe it has been exactly one year to the day since Christian left my clawing hands and entered the MTC to begin his wonderful two-year adventure in Sweden!

On the other hand, this seems so, so far away, and I miss him so much that it seems like a lifetime ago that I was last with him.

I could not be more proud of this elder, nor do I ever imagine that my love for him could be any greater. But incredibly, my love for him continues to grow day after day after day! How that happens I just don't know, but it does. I love him so!!!

*Stay tuned for some more one-year anniversary shenanigans!


Melissa said...

It's been a YEAR?! Oh my gosh. I had better figure out what I've been doing all this time!

Lisa said...

I first read this on FB and I am still not over it! ONE YEAR! It just does not seem possible. You are on the home stretch, dahling!